Thursday, February 5, 2009

WIP Thursday (?!)

Yesterday...WIP Wednesday...was a blur for me. I went to the Quilt Club meeting in the morning (which ran late) then I drove across town as Baby's Doctor said she was ready to come home. Her diagnosis was 'cleaned, tune up and adjustment'. Ummm...wonder what the adjustment was as her feed dogs were not working after I cleaned her! I came home and had a bite to eat (being frugal here and eating at home), then onto the grocery store. I barely had time to unpack the groceries and it was bus time! I like to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour talking with DD and DS about their days. Whatever they want to share...then I want to listen. I was getting ready to do some sewing and in walked DH, almost 2 hours early from work! okay, it was 5:15 pm but that is way early for him to be home! So onto dinner and cleanup. DS found one of my favorite movies on TV and I was hooked! Next thing I knew, it was bedtime!

Today is better, sewing wise that is. In between working on laundry, I have been quilting and this is your sneak peek of my new panto, Inkblot. At 12 inches, it just about maxes out the throat plate on Valerie. I need to be careful when advancing my rows. One row I didn't advance quite enough and I has 'skinny' loops on the bottom row! This panto is big but it is a good study for me in following large loop-y curves with Valerie.

I'd like to thank Karen who sent me the link about Connor. He is the young cancer patient who is collecting postcards. Here is the link from Karen from a Milwaukee TV station. From this link, I followed it and found Connor's family CaringBridge web page. If you wish to send a postcard to Connor here is his info:

Connor Bourke
PO Box 185
Jefferson, WI 53549

I guess he has received so many postcards that his parents opened a P.O. Box for him! :) I mentioned this boy to DS and was surprised that he knew all about him. Seems like his English class all sent postcards to Connor last semester so he was able to get the address, too. I was impressed as DS is a high school senior this year. I'll have to check Connor's blog and see if there is a count on the number of postcards he has gotten. :)
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Linda_J said...

I like the inkblot panto---like a much looser meander so you won't be weighing down those rails and leave some cuddle in there. The quilt top looks terrific BTW and sure worked up quickly when you got to sewing.

Some days are like that, Pat. Gotta roll with the punches. Maybe that trip to get the machine taking such a big hunk out of your day seemed like it went by faster than usual?

JoAnne said...

Love the rwb rails and that panto looks great on it. You go, girl!