Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Done in the nick of time, almost!

Here is the 5th in a series of quilts using r/w/b 2.5 inch strips. Our sewing workshop is Thursday February 12th. For this pattern I followed Kairle's Strip Tutorial here. I was trying to think of an interesting name for this quilt but all I could come up with was 'the S5 Quilt'. When you follow the tutorial, you SEW 6 strips together, SQUARE the block to 12.5 inches, SLICE on the diagonal twice, SHUFFLE the triangles and SEW 2 of the quarter triangles together to get an 8.5 inch (unfinished) block! S5! Each 12.5 inch block yields 2 ~ 8.5 inch blocks. I was getting a little low on lights but, thankfully, I found the leftovers from this quilt here and I was back in business. I was a little worried as the exposed edges are bias. I used magic sizing and while I did have some stretching, I was trying to be careful! I still have the binding to sew to the back yet.

Inkblot was on the table and I didn't feel like changing out the panto so, inkblot is on this quilt, too. :) I'll probably use inkblot on the next quilt, too. The big open quilting leaves the quilt soft and cuddly.

I just wanted to say that for Mike's T-shirt quilt, I followed LindaJ's 'Sorta T-shirt Tutorial' and chatted/emailed with Linda about that quilt. Linda is very helpful and was willing to answer every question I had as I was piecing it. In fact, Linda told me what to sew and I did~it was like having my very own private teacher! :) Thanks Linda! You Rock!
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FabricMom said...

Very pretty quilt. Job well done. Man you are fast.

Linda_J said...

Thanks for the plug, LOL. I edited it a bit this morning--to indicate a few of the things we talked about along the line. You are more than welcome for any help I may have given. That's what I am here for.

I think your quilt turned out really cute. You are right though--time for something besides 2.5 inch strips. I got an idea though and I'll email you off comment about that!

jillquilts said...

Great quilt! I can't wait to see the next one!

Jeanne said...

Great finish and a wonderful quilt! I just love scrappy quilts.

SueR said...

Your rwb quilt turned out just great! The gold is a perfect accent color for the quilt. I am also partial to rwb quilts!