Saturday, September 25, 2010

National Sewing Month~Day 25

Yesterday, I sewed the top two table runners.

Well~the log cabin blocks were leftovers. They didn't make the grade into the quilt so I merely sewed three together and instant dresser scarf for DH. Instant if you don't count that the blocks have been in a pizza box for almost 3 years now! :)

The middle runner is for the basement coffee table. I had made a quilt using the focus fabric and I unearth a bit of it earlier in the month. A quick border treatment and it's ready for quilting.

Lastly, I sewed four more bow tie blocks today to go with the eight from yesterday afternoon. The actual sewing part! I've been wanting to make something from bow tie blocks so I pulled out my sparse collection of 30's reproductions and used the white I had ordered. I cut for 4 more bow tie blocks~not sure if they will make the table runner or maybe hot pads for the spring.

That's it. That's my sewing for yesterday afternoon and today!

Thanks for stopping by and checking in on another day of my National Sewing Month. :)
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Linda_J said...

woohoo! Look at you go.

Aren't bowtie blocks fun! Nothing but a souped up 4 patch and I know YOU really like those, LOL.

Stephanie D. said...

I like the log cabins ones the best, I think! You have been so consisent, Pat!

Judy S. said...

Wow, Pat, you've been a busy gal! Hope your part of WI is staying dry or at least not bothered by flooding. I had no idea it was National Sewing Month.....spent most of my free time knitting when I should have been sewing!