Thursday, September 30, 2010

National Sewing Month~Day 30

Day 30~Part 1:

I had participated in my Day Guild Ugly Fabric Challenge last year. My friend that selected my Ugly donation asked if I would quilt it if she pieced it. I said, "Okay. No Problem." The Challenge pieces were due back to guild Show and Tell in June 2010 but no prizes were awarded then so~we were requested to bring our Challenge pieces to Show and Tell in October 2010.

This is what I received in June 2010. My Ugly donation is now the center of the log cabin blocks.

I added the inner black border from stash and used a print my friend had about 33 inches leftover. It finishes at about 62 x 62. Rarely do I make square quilts~so that was a challenge, too for me! I was going to quilt it with the baptist fans but I'm thinking maybe something a *little more forgiving* is needed~like popcorn. :)

Day 30~Part 2:

I quilted my Admirals' quilt! Now onto the binding. I had hoped to have this to the hand sewing of the binding today so that I could go to the rink and watch practice but~it just didn't happen. The players have a pre-game skate tomorrow morning, but it only lasts an hour as they need to travel to Rockford, Illinois for their first pre-season game.

A close up of Roscoe the mascot in t*shirt form.

Milwaukee Admirals

pattern: LindaJ's *Sorta* T*Shirt Tutorial

panto: Inkblot from Willow Leaf Studio

Woohoo! I sewed everyday in September 2010 and posted about it! Thanks for sticking with me on this personal challenge~I *know* some days the sewing was BORING but hey~it's my sewing life! It is what it is! And I didn't even need to use my *filler* sewing. :)

(you know~for days when I didn't sew by wanted to post something sewing related!)

ps. blogger isn't playing *nice* :( will try later to upload my pix.

edit: blogger posted the pix at 7:50 pm. cross your fingers that they stay up!

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