Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yeah Baby!

A certain quilting friend casually *mentioned* she had an ISPY UFO from 2001 but had put it away...sounds familiar! :)

Well to perk up her ISPY stash...a few novelties for her! almost 2 yards! arriving at *your* mailbox, soon friend! and you thought I was kidding when I asked if you wanted novelties for 100 ISPY!

Yeah Baby! -2 yards! Gifting fabric counts as stash out!
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Linda_J said...

LOL, glad I could help you out! Now I am definitely going to have to review the instructions on how to sew those dimensional "knots" in there and finish up one top anyway.

BUT as I was saying there are a lot of cool quilts in that book to play with and you have seen to it that I explore it further. THX in advance, Pat!

Did you have any luck finding Picture Play?

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Now that's a way to 'use up or out' serious stash!