Saturday, December 19, 2020

Whoop! Whoop! on Saturday! 12.19.2020

 DD is visiting from school! So not a whole lot of sewing or quilting is happening!

 I did quilt down three of the current batch of Casual Quilters QOV's.

Batch 3 Quilt 1:

pattern inspiration: Bean Counter Bouncing Borders. The squares and rails finish at 3 inches.
panto: petite stars

Batch 3 Quilt 2.

pattern inspiration: Rail fence, public domain
panto: Square Spiral

Batch 3 Quilt 3

pattern inspiration: Villa Rosa Iceberg. The squares finish at 3 inches with the background cut to match.
panto: Square Spiral


My bird seed wreath is missing! There were very suspicious animal tracks in the yard...looks like deer. The next night we were driving around the sub looking at the Christmas lights and saw many deer roaming the area...I know that I can't pick and choose which wild animals I feed but the chickadees had just found the wreath after like three days...

So, I'm working on more wreaths! DH said he would hang the next one higher out of the deer reach! This one is not as pretty as I used flour as my 'glue' but it was much easier to mix, but some of my cranberries feel off. DD and I are trying to repair the wreath. 

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