Wednesday, December 16, 2020

WIP Wednesday 12.16.2020

 So, I brought a couple of pillows at Wal*mart for Christmas. One was really cute and the other, well, meh. The plan was to re-do the meh one, re-use the fabric and pillow insert. I found a tea towel that I liked  and I was off to the races!

I started to deconstruct the pillow. The fabric was a very coarse, very loose weave. Inside was not a pillow form but this awful looking grayish blackish stuffing!

YIKES! Onto plan B! I sewed this back together!

I trimmed up the towel and found a suitable plaid in the Christmas bin and TA-DA!

My Christmas pillow makeover was complete. Here is the front.

Here is the back. I made it so the entire pillow just slips inside the Merry Michigan case. I didn't even bother to line up the plaid! LOL. I'm sure there are lots of tutorials out on the web but I just winged it from my memory bank...

I've also been stuck on the idea of bird seed wreaths, scouring Pinterest for ideas. I finally gave a recipe a try. I think I did something wrong as it was so thick and gooey that I kept adding water to get the flour to dissolve. I'm going to try another recipe as I want to make one to have on inventory in case the neighbor brings over a gift...then I have something for her. It's my first Christmas in this house so I'm not really sure  'how' the neighbors celebrate!

Birdseed Wreath recipe can be found here.  This recipe called for 1 and 1/2 packs of gelatin. I'm going to try again but with less gelatin. Some recipes call for lard or suet and peanut butter...I'm skipping those! 

It looks cute on the tree. I thought the birds were show up in mass, but only a few have been eating. I also thought squirrels, turkeys or deer might eat too, but no...

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Susan said...

Nice pillow makeover! You're right - the grey insides are scary!