Friday, December 19, 2008

Night Guild Holiday Party

Last night was the Oconomowoc Quilt Guild Holiday Party with another gift exchange.

Here is what I gave...look familiar?!

I made quite a few of these fabric post cards in cigar boxes last summer, I believe. Three sets to be exact and funny thing, when I checked this package...there was a booklet of stamps!

Linda received this package and seemed to really like it. I noticed that the cigar boxes were a bit hit and perhaps, the favorite part of the gift!

I had gone to a cigar shop/smoking lounge last Christmas to get Brother #2 a cigar as part of his gift package and noticed a tower of cigar boxes. The salesperson told me that when the boxes are emptied of cigars, they go into the pile. Patrons can then *buy* the boxes with 100% of the money going to fund the building of schools in the countries were the cigars come from...a fund raising effort! Cool, I thought and a unique way to present a gift. :)

Here's what I received: from my friend, April, a tote bag with a quote from Mrs. Lovey Howell (Gilligan's Island), "anyone who says money can't buy happiness, doesn't know where to shop". How true! I love the fabric stores! She also included some tools and wonderful Oriental fabric. I will definitely be *thinking outside of the box* when I sew with the Orientals as I don't have hardly any Orientals at all in my stash! Well four pieces now! :)

The girls also received/exchanged their round robins they had been working on all through out the year. A very interesting display of quilt tops. Cheryl from Cheryl's Chatelaine was the official photographer. I asked if I could link to her blog for those interested in seeing the round robins as I didn't want my flash competing with her flash as we were snapping away...Cheryl enthusiastically agreed. Click on over to Cheryl's Chatelaine if you would like to see the round robins. Cheryl posted about her Chicken Round Robin and promises to post the additional pictures in the days ahead. Thanks Cheryl :)
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