Thursday, December 11, 2008

Binding Finished!

I finished sewing the binding on my Blue Treasures Quilt. The center fabrics are from my scrap bag of blues that I have been saving. A few years ago, I decided to save my scraps that I normally would have thrown out (I know, *gasp*) and make a crumb quilt. There are many inspiring crumb quilts around blogland. A few that have inspired me are Norma at Silver Thimble Quilting (scroll to her December 28th post), Tracey at Quilting in Connecticut (where I saw this layout) and AmandaJean's Crazy Mom Quilts (she is creating a monochromatic series of crumb type quilts).

I quilted it with Popcorn from Willow Leaf Studio. This block actually has a piece of fabric that I dumpster dived for when I took a class in 2003!

I even *sewed* some seaweed into this block. :)

This was a fun quilt to put together. Many memories are with the scraps, most scraps I remember but there are a few that I haven't *a clue* where the fabric came from!

When I told DD that the centers came from the blues scrap bag, she deadpanned and said, "Probably didn't make a dent in it!" How did she know! Will she become a future quilter? I sincerely hope so! :)
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Paula said...

Beautiful quilt. I don't have the patience to make crumb quilts, so I donate my itty bitty scraps to friends who do. That way I don't feel like I'm throwing away treasures! I may have to try at least one crumb quilt in my life time.

Fabricmom said...

Your quilts are always beautiful. I love, love, love this one.

I gave you the Creative blogger award on my site. Go see.

Linda C said...

Very nice---boy, are you being productive, Pat! What a comment from Michelle---it could only make you laugh once the shock of her coming up with wore off.

I think I am working talents more in the kitchen lately than in the sewing room--just don't feel like sewing lately.

Silverthimble said...

I love your Blue Treasures quilt! Thanks for making reference to the quilt that I made using this technique!

Stephanie D said...

The Blue Treasures quilt is gorgeous! I recognize the stars fabric border, another one maybe, and I used those same seaweek fabric in a quilt this summer.

Linda said...

Beautiful quilt. I just started a crumb bin last week after seeing one of Bonnie's at Quiltville. I really like yours because it is blue and using the one color family is great. What as inspiration!

Chris Daly said...

I love your quilt. The blue scrap fabrics look so pretty with your sashing.

jacquie said...

it's so wonderful...i would love to do one like this...maybe in pinks.