Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WIP Wednesday

I made two more medium size table toppers from Genii Lehmann's pattern. This is the winter side for after January 1st. I think that I didn't cut my octagon the right shape for the topper on the right as it is kitty-wompuss. I figure once the topper is covered it will be less noticeable!
Here is the Holiday side up.

Here is what will be on the table toppers for now. DS's Peanut's Christmas plate and silk poinsettia flower stems. Only temporarily until I pick up the real poinsettia plant on have on order from DD's school fundraiser.
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Linda_J said...

I bet we would not have known that it was a little off kilter if you hadn't told us. How cute for the season! You can use the snowflake one into the new year even.

How much snow did you get the other day? My mom said that they had 5 inches of snow fall on Sunday in central Il and some drifty stuff the following day. It is pretty but I don't miss it!

Stephanie D. said...

Oh, it looks so festive with the snow in the background!

FabricMom said...

Beautiful table toppers. I love that they have two different sides. Smart girl you are. That sounds like Yoda. LOL.

Dionne said...

Your table toppers are beautiful. Your table looks SO festive!

Paula said...

Very cute...I love the blue side. I can just see snowmen sitting on it!