Thursday, April 25, 2024

WIP Wednesday 4.25.2024

I've been Twisting!


Well, shot! I made the first border too short and the light blue fades too much into the background for my liking! I was too far into it to change plus I ran out of the beige. 


The cornerstones are a bit of leftover from another project and I bordered the prints with the light blue trying to bring it all together.

Now it needs (lots!) of borders to bring it to QOV size.

pattern: L'il Twister ruler

ummm...lessons learned:    
                    *use fabrics that are high contrast for the twisters
                    *if border too it to the panel, even if the math is hard 
                    *starch the precut pieced quilt as all edges are biased and distort
                    *use a design wall to keep track of twister spin placement

Sharing today with Susan at MidWeek Makers.


Bonnie said...

I see why you have some of the lessons but I think it's pretty brilliant way to make a border -- using the twister ruler. (On the other hand it does use a lot of fabric.) Nice quilt overall.

Delighted Hands said...

What a beauty of a quilt top---the blue does match with the center blue perfectly. I like this version!